“Our Lady Saved the World from Atomic War in 1985” The Secrets of Fatima revealed by Sister Lucia

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  1. According to interviews of former Soviet officials in Newsweek and on PBS after the fall of the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union was going to hit us with a nuclear strike because they thought Reagan was planning a nuclear strike on them.

  2. Sr. Lucia, the sole surviving visionary from Fatima, in an interview with a bishop present in 1993, said that a nuclear war was scheduled between the Soviet Union and the U.S. for 1985 which is why the Pope was shot on May 13, 1981, to get his attention. The 1984 consecration averted this war.

  3. In early 1985, Soviet leader Chernenko dies. Gorbachev comes to power and the whole Soviet Union starts to unravel…

Source National Catholic Register

On Sept. 1, 1983, flying from Anchorage to Seoul, a Korean Air Lines Boeing 747 with 269 people on board strayed off its planned route and flew over an island that violated Soviet air space. Quickly, a Russian fighter plane shot down.

The outrageous action prompted five Western European countries including Great Britain and Germany to okay accepting United States medium-range missiles beginning in November of that year.

With their military advantage rapidly shrinking, the Soviets were readying for war.

Then 205 days later, On March 25, 1984, St. John Paul II consecrated the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. He invited all the bishops in the world to join him for this ceremony closing the Holy Year of Redemption.

He did the consecration at St. Peter’s in Rome as he knelt before the statue of Our Lady Less than two months later in 1984, on May 13, the 67th anniversary of the first apparition of Fatima, catastrophe hit the Russia fleet at the Severomorsk naval base located near Finland on the Barents Sea.

A fire, believed caused by a cigarette, turned catastrophic. Like a spark in a huge fireworks factory, it triggered the explosion of a huge stockpile of missiles. Of 900 anti-aircraft missiles, 580 were destroyed. Of 400 surface-to-surface missiles able to carry nuclear warheads, 320 were obliterated. Upwards of 300 military personnel died.

It devastated the Soviet Union’s Northern Fleet.

Years later, Sr. Lucia wrote: “Everyone knows perfectly well that we went through one of the most critical moments in human history, when the great, mutually hostile powers planned a nuclear war that would have destroyed the world, if not the whole world, then the greater part of it.

And what would have remained? What chances of survival? And who could have dissuaded those arrogant people, surrounded by their war plans…? Who, if not God.”of Fatima brought there from Fatima.