Milanka Lachman “Like Most Catholics I have been Frozen in Shock”..

By Milanaka Lachman (Founder of 206 Tours)

Like most Catholics I have been frozen in shock, disgust, embarrassment, and took few days to reflect on scandal, to pray for victims, all those who we looked up to, in authority, those we prayed for every day, the very that have failed us, and left us feeling so humiliated.

I have been praying to Our Blessed Mother to intervene, to help all victims who are hurting heal, to give church and its people strength to firmly pursue truth and justice!

I have been mad and shaken to my core is understatement. My heart shatters with every single thought of a monster-priest who has injected pain to the most innocent.
I am sad for the faith which has been crushed across the globe.

This scandal has effected everyone, faithful members of Church across the globe. It hits me, my home, my business and all that I have done for the past 33 years in a very dramatic way. I have spent most of my life coordinating thousands of pilgrimage journeys across the globe. All were led by a Catholic priest, as after all, every pilgrimage should include daily Mass. I have come to know several thousand priests as very dedicated spiritual directors and leaders. Some were charismatic, others were reserved, shy, gave boring homilies, some told jokes that were not funny, some were conservative others have shown a more liberal views, some even drank too much, but — they they all exuded great love for Jesus, they have all shepherded pilgrims to the best of their ability on their journey to God.
My pilgrimage mission will continue, as I know with 100% certainty that the journey is towards God.

I beg you to pray for all good priests who are unfairly being judged, and who are suffering, perhaps more than anyone.
In 33 years, I was never told, and I was never aware of any abuse by a priest on 206 Tours pilgrimage. So I asked myself, over and over—how could this be? The only thing I come up is that – cowards evil priests do not like Pilgrimages!?

Yesterday, God forgive me, I did the unthinkable, I asked my web-manager to remove image of Pope Francis from our most popular Pilgrimage of Italy (tour 96). I am so angry! Angry for him not telling us what he knew, and if he did not know, then I am angry at him for not making it his business to know!
There have been scandals in the past. Nothing like this. The sadness over this horrific scandal will linger on for a long time, perhaps for generations.
The offenders and those who have covered up the accused must be brought to justice.
Love is telling the truth, no matter how much it hurts. Victims, and we, the people, deserve the truth.
It is time for repentance!!

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One thought on “Milanka Lachman “Like Most Catholics I have been Frozen in Shock”..

  • August 31, 2018 at 10:04 pm

    The scandals perpetrated by evil bishops and priests are of a magnitude that few, if any of us can truly comprehend. There have been times prior to ours when the Church has been grievously wounded by the sheer evil and depravity of many of her pastors and religious. But in those times, these evils were not brought to the attention of the great mass of humanity, because the means of instantaneous global communication didn’t exist. And there was no such entity as the “mainstream media” to eagerly seize upon it to spread word of these horrors far and wide. And, of course, to distort, manipulate and embellish the “news” as they see fit in pursuit of their own agenda. But, ……. they couldn’t invent these scandals out of thin air. They had to be given the “raw materials”.
    But, this is not, I am firmly convinced, a stigma which the Body of Christ must bear for generations to come. This is the final, all-out satanic assault on the Church, as many, including Pope St. John Paul II and Sr. Lucia do Santos pointed out.
    The Church is the Body of Christ on earth. It is the Church’s destiny to follow in the steps of her Master; to ascend her own Calvary, embrace her cross and be put to death. And, for a very brief period, maybe only a few days, it will appear to all the world as though the Church founded by Christ is no more. And as with Christ before her, this can only be mad possible, and has been made possible, by her betrayal by Judas. And at this present, critical time, the Iscariot is well represented by large numbers of prelates and priests.
    But Christ did not remain on the cross. After what appeared to virtually all, both His disciples and His enemies, to be His complete and non-reversible demise. he was gloriously resurrected. In this way too, the Church will imitate her Christ.
    The seemingly unparalleled level of evil that we are now witnessing is the climax of events that will usher in the vitally necessary, though painful purification of the Church, so that she may become the spotless Bride of Christ, “without stain or wrinkle.” Future generations will be blessed with the wisdom and understanding to see what we are now witnessing with such dismay and distress in its proper context of where the Church now is at this critical moment in salvation history. Our descendants will not be condemned to hang their heads in shame, because they will understand that all of this had to be. The evils that now afflict the Church must be brought out fully into the clear light of day, and be purged, once and for all, from the cruelly scourged and crucified Body of Christ on earth.

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