Powerful Witness …Picture of Jesus Captured on Airplane in Middle of Dangerous Storm


Bouli Bm7

What a lovely story , I as a Christian I believe in Jesus Christ no matter if he showed to me or no , but there is question to all . Why only in Christianity we see miracles and God reveal himself to us ?? The answer is because our Lord is working and he exist . To everyone who will see this comment and isn’t a believer in Christ or a non Christian , can you mention one situation or one testimony shows that your God or in what you believe if it is true or it will help you when you will need it ! God bless you all

Prayer to St. Christopher while Traveling

Dear Saint Christopher,
protect me today
in all my travels
along the road’s way.
Give your warning sign
if danger is near
so that I may stop
while the path is clear.
Be at my window
and direct me through
when the vision blurs
From out of the blue.
Carry me safely
to my destined place,
like you carried Christ
in your close embrace.


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