Medjugorje: Message of September 2, 2019 ..How Our Lady want to Protect Us from Eternal Perdition “Your prayers are so necessary in the world , so that souls are converted!”

The heavenly Mother wants us to understand how dangerous it is, for our life and especially for our soul, to continue to live as if God did not exist, as if everything we would like to do was lawful and dignified, as if sin did not indelibly stain the our heart.

She assists us from above and, at times, as in Medjugorje, she “comes down” among us, to reaffirm her message, loud and clear. She wants our good, she wants to defend us from the evil one and save us from eternal perdition.

Medjugorje: Message of September 2, 2019 – pray for the conversion of souls

“Dear children, pray, pray the Rosary every day, that crown of flowers that binds me directly as a Mother to your pains, sufferings, desires and hopes. Apostles of my love, I am with you through the grace and love of my Son, and I ask for prayers from you. Your prayers are so necessary in the world , so that souls are converted! Open your hearts to my Son with complete trust, and he will write in them the compendium of his Word, that is, love.

Live an indissoluble bond with the Most Sacred Heart of my Son! My children, as a Mother, I tell you that there is no time to hesitate to kneel before my Son, to recognize him as your God, the center of your life. Offer him gifts, what he loves most , namely love of neighbor, mercy and pure hearts. Apostles of my love, many of my children still do not recognize my Son as their God, they have not yet known his love.

But you, with your prayer, said starting from a pure and open heart, and with the gifts that you offer to my Son, you will make sure that even the hardest hearts are opened. Apostles of my love, the power of prayer, said from the heart, of a powerful and loving prayer , changes the world. Therefore, my children, pray, pray, pray! I am with you. Thank you!” .


Medjugorje and the Second Beast of the Apocalypse: “A time of trials is openly announced”…Father Livio Fanzaga

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