Residents of Medjugorje continue to talk about the incredible image of the Virgin Mary that appeared in the sky – (new video)

Impressive apparition in Medjugorje, The Image of the Virgin Mary appears in the sky LIVE! The Virgin of Medjugorje manifests itself in multiple ways in Medjugorje, this time she allowed herself to be photographed in the skies of Medjugorje.

The photo of what appears to be the silhouette of the Virgin in the sky of Medjugorje went around the world, causing the faithful to shout at the Miracle.

A phenomenon similar to those described above occurred a few days ago in the sky over the municipality of Citluk in Medjugorje. During sunset, residents noticed that a well-defined figure had formed in the sky.

A closer look at the image taken by one of them (the one you find at the top of the article) you can see how the figure we are talking about looks incredibly similar to that of the Queen of Peace.

Watch video (narration in Spanish)


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