Our Lord to Gisella Cardia “The Time is Close for the Embracing’… Miracle Statue Exudes Perfumed oil (With video)

Our Lord Jesus to Gisella Cardia on December 13th, 2021:

The statue representing the Sacred Heart of Jesus began to exude perfumed oil on the morning of December 13th and continued to do so during the ensuing hours. See here (or below). Many people came to Gisella’s house for the Holy Rosary, and then Our Lord gave her this message:
My children, my brothers and sisters, I see you bending your knees in prayer and you fill Me with joy. Pray through [1] My suffering heart, help Me! My children, this grace draws you to Me […] if you only knew how close the time is for embracing you again! Take some of this blessed oil [from the exuding statue] and bring it into your homes for the dark times. Now, my brothers and sisters, come to me one by one and I will bless you; peace be with you. I would like many prayer cenacles [meetings] in this blessed house where I am.