Medjugorje: The photo taken by a friar where Our Lady embraces us: “Mary hugging the world and the cross”

Medjugorje: Mary seems to be hugging us in the photo

Today we post one of the most particular photos taken in Medjugorje …

SHOTS FROM MEDJUGORJE – Today’s photo is taken from the Facebook page ‘ About Medjugorje’ which published the post with the suggestive image, attracting the attention of many faithful.

The post shares the photo that Father Marinko Strbac, a Franciscan friar stationed in Bosnia, took on the morning of December 31, 2019 in front of the cross that stands on Mount Križevac. What makes the photo special is the refraction effect created by the sunlight on the lens. It seems that the Virgin Mary embraces the cross or embraces those present.

The shot is pregnant with meaning and gives a good idea of ​​how in that Marian place of worship there is a strong closeness between the faithful, God and the Queen of Peace.

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