Important message from Medjugorje Seer Regarding Our Popes: “The Pope is a holy person, Our Lady said she chose him for this very time!”

Source Papaboys 3.0 Translated by Google from Italian

Mirjana Defends Pope Against Critics: “It hurts me because the Pope is the Pope, our Pope…I believe with my heart that the Holy Spirit always gives us the Pope we need…I believe with my heart that the Holy Spirit always gives us the Pope we need.”

Our Lady calls Pope FRANCIS ‘BELOVED HOLY FATHER’, the seer Vicka tells us that JOHN PAUL II was the right Pope for the time. 

We add: just as Francis is suitable for this. And we want to remind all those  CATHOLICS that   commenting negatively on social networks, that, being a Pontiff elected with the Holy Spirit, according to our faith, denying him and criticizing him would also be go against the Third Person of the Trinity. Enjoy the reading!  

Mirjana is one of the visionaries who has seen the Virgin Mary every year , for over 36 years, and she has been receiving messages of Our Lady to Medjugorje.

She, used to stay for a long time and every day in the presence of the Virgin and in prayer, shows in her many speeches that she has the humility the Christians need when asked to obey and understand and support the people , clerical authorities, who were considered by the Holy Spirit (not men) to be worthy of governing and directing the universal church.


That’s what she says, speaking of the Holy Father Pope Francis, that in these last few weeks (but we could say months) is being criticized by many people for his work: “I want to say something I have in my heart: I hear so many pilgrims they say that Pope John Paul II was good, that Pope Benedict was less, and Pope Francis they do not like. as the others.


It hurts me because the Pope is the Pope, our Pope, and it is our duty to pray for him, for everything he has on his shoulders and we do not know.

We only know to judge, not to pray and to help with prayer.

I believe with my heart that the Holy Spirit always gives us the Pope we need.

When a Pope needed John Paul II, he was the Pope; when there was a need for a Pope as Benedict XVI, he was the Pope. Now need Pope Francis!

We must pray, not comment on how we are accustomed to doing, because we think we know everything. But we do not know anything! ”

And it is this way: we do not know exactly what God’s plan is to accomplish at this time.

What we ought to do is therefore to entrust ourselves to him, and to the Lord our God,

We can pray for world peace. “But if you, says Our Lady, pray for peace in the world and do not have peace in your heart, this prayer does not have much value”. 

The worst war is within families and the one that is in hearts and consciences. I say with all my heart that this type of war is the heaviest. Our war is now behind us and we are now calm. But you, who didn’t have that war, are in a more difficult situation. As long as you don’t start praying, this war will get worse and worse.

Our Lady often reminds us that we must put God first and everything else comes later. When people say, “You can’t find peace,” “It’s too difficult,” it means they do little to change. If we decide to change our hearts and our lives, then peace comes for sure. One must turn to God saying: «Lord, change my heart, do it according to your will, because I want to live with your peace. Then this peace arrives for sure ».

Even if our prayer is done in silence, God hears it.

The Pope is a holy person, whom Our Lady said she had chosen for this very time. We have to pray a lot for him, who needs our prayers.

  In this moment, when Our Lady is here among us, it is in a particular way a time of conversion and a time of great grace.

Our Lady at this moment recommends us to pray more, especially for her intentions and plans, and she also invites us to pick up the Bible every day, to read a few lines and then try to live it throughout the day.

He also recommends that we pray for the Holy Pontiff, the bishops, the priests and for our whole Church which needs our prayers. In particular, Our Lady prays for peace and invites us to join her for this intention.

I don’t believe that evil is stronger than good. If God allows evil it is also to prove our faith. The good is certainly stronger. I have no doubts about this. Evil can disturb, but it cannot win. We should be able to say to God every day: “Here I am, do with me what you want”. In this way our program with God is realized.  Our Lady wanted to teach us that we must begin to love in order to become more beautiful. When you begin to love your brother and sister, your mother and your father and everyone else with the same love, then there is no problem with beauty, because it comes by itself.

One thought on “Important message from Medjugorje Seer Regarding Our Popes: “The Pope is a holy person, Our Lady said she chose him for this very time!”

  • February 20, 2021 at 11:54 pm

    On the 28 th of March 2018, pope Francis declared : ” The Church believed no longer in a real hell where people suffer. This doctrine is inconsistent with the infinite love of God . . . . . . We see hell as a literary device . Hell is only a metaphor of the soul . . . ” And so forth
    All this is contrary to the Gospel , to the revelation of Saint John the Divine, and even to the visions of Vicka herself .
    Pope Francis declared too that all religions are true . Pope Francis declared support for civil unions . . .
    Such a man can’t be a saint ! So there is probably something wrong about the declaration of Vicka concerning what the Holy Virgin have said to her about pope Francis .


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