Prayer to Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal

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Our Immaculate Virgin,
Mother of God and our Mother,
with the strongest confidence
in your powerful intercession
many times manifested
by means of your Medal,
we humbly beg you
to get the graces
that we ask.
O Madonna of the Miraculous Medal
that you were shown to Santa Caterina Labouré
in the attitude of the Mediator of the whole world
and of every soul in particular,
we put in your hands
we entrust to your Heart
our supplications and our hopes.
Proud to present them to your divine Son
and meet them
if they conform
to the Divine Will
and useful to our souls.
And after getting up to God
your hands pleading,
lower on us,
wrap them with the rays of your graces
enlightening our minds and
purifying our hearts,
so that you may be guided
we reach the blessed eternity one day.

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