Chilling Trumpet-Like Sounds Recorded on Video in Hawaii …Sign of the Apocalypse?


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A video recording of eerie trumpet sounds from Hawaii has gone viral on YouTube, leading some to speculate that the End Times and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ are imminent. Others suggested UFOs, scientific explanations, and even Godzilla. (Watch the video below.)

“Jesus Christ is coming soon. I say it is a trumpet,” a YouTube user named “Believer John Seventeen” posted.

Eerie Trumpet-Like Sounds Recorded on Video in Hawaii

Another user agreed. “Christ shall return. If you know Him, then you know His warnings — every eye shall hear and every ear shall hear,” posted “Roger Dat.” “Be not afraid for you are saved by faith in Jesus. Repent and turn from wickedness. The price was paid at Calvary and as He was risen, so shall His disciples be.”

The video itself has no clear religious meaning, however.

Snippins News posted the video, reporting, “Not the first time to be heard, but it’s been heard in multiple places all strangely at the same time.”

It bears a startling similarity to similar sounds heard all across the planet.And some think it is conclusive proof of the Biblical Seven Trumpets.Seven trumpets are sounded by seven angels to mark judgement day in the Book of Revelation.They are used to warn the “sinners of Earth” to repent before the seventh trumpet is sounded, indicating the second coming of Jesus Christ.

“Not the first time to be heard, but it’s been heard in multiple places all strangely at the same time,” YouTube user Snippins, who posted the clip, said.

The soundsYOUTUBE/GETTYSCARY: Mysterious apocalyptic sounds rang out across Hawaii in a chilling video

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