Fr. Goring: Prophetic Urgency! “The apostles of the last times!” …and the 3 PRAYERS that will BURN THE DEMONS –



Fr. Mark Goring Portrait

What was your background before you joined the CC?
I grew up in Pembroke, Ontario. I did a year of Computer Engineering studies before joining the CC’s.

What led you to join this community?
Experiencing the Baptism of the Holy Spirit as a teenager, reading Fr. Bob’s writings and going to St. Mary’s parish are what led me to the CC’s.

What kind of ministry are you doing now?
I’m the Pastor of St. Mary’s Parish in Ottawa, ON.





There is a demon that specializes in attacking the family…Exorcist says ..Fr. Truqui warns that everything that is harming the family, including divorce, pleases the devil.


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