In new speech, Archbishop Viganò sees evidence ‘that the end times are now approaching before our eyes’

We now find ourselves in this doctrinal, moral, liturgical, and disciplinary cone of shadow.’ But, we are not yet at the end stage of this disastrous development. ‘It is not yet the total eclipse that we will see at the end of time, under the reign of the Antichrist,’ the prelate adds.’But it is a partial eclipse, which lets us see the luminous crown of the sun encircling the black disk of the moon.’

October 23, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – In a speech delivered today via video at the Catholic Identity Conference (CIC) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò analyzes in depth the causes of the current Church crisis that go back 60 years. This was the first video appearance by the archbishop since he went into hiding in 2018.

Viganò sees that the resister to the Anti-Christ, which is the Catholic Church, has been so much weakened that by now she has practically ceased to resist; for him, there is evidence, therefore, “that the end times are now approaching before our eyes.” But he does not leave us in despair here, encouraging the faithful to remain loyal to the Catholic Faith.


“Scapegoating Francis: How the Revolution of Vatican II serves the New World Order,” is the title of the Italian prelate’s talk (see full text below), and he presents us here with a dire description of the state of the Church which has been “occupied” by those who wish to subdue her to the One World Order as planned and organized by Freemasonry.

The archbishop calls the part of the hierarchy that collaborates with the forces of the One World Order the deep church; they are for him a minority, but extremely influential. About the New World Order, Viganò states:

We know that the New World Order project consists in the establishment of tyranny by Freemasonry: a project that dates back to the French Revolution, the Age of Enlightenment, the end of the Catholic Monarchies, and the declaration of war on the Church. We can say that the New World Order is the antithesis of Christian society, it would be the realization of the diabolical Civitas Diaboli – City of the Devil – opposed to the Civitas Dei – City of God – in the eternal struggle between Light and Darkness, Good and Evil, God and Satan.

According to Archbishop Viganò, the Catholic Church has always been the resister – the kathèkon – to the plans of the Anti-Christ. “And Sacred Scripture warns us,” he says, “that at the manifestation of the Antichrist, this obstacle – the kathèkon – will have ceased to exist.” When the Church – especially her pope – ceases to resist the Evil One, something will happen. “It seems quite evident to me,” add the archbishop, “that the end times are now approaching before our eyes, since the mystery of iniquity has spread throughout the world with the disappearance of the courageous opposition of the kathèkon.”

It is also clear that Viganò regards Pope Francis as the leader of this deep church that collaborates with the One World Order, instead of remaining loyal to Jesus Christ and His Teaching. (Here, Pope Francis’s October 21 public endorsement of civil unions of same-sex marriages can be seen as a crucial proof of this claim.) For example, the Italian prelate speaks of Fratelli Tutti which aims to “justify dialogue, ecumenism, and the universal brotherhood of the Bergoglian anti-church.”

For our archbishop, this new church has created extraordinary conditions, not “normal” ones as we knew them from before. “In extraordinary times,” he explains, “events go beyond the ordinary known to our fathers. In extraordinary times, we can hear a Pope deceive the faithful; see Princes of the Church accused of crimes that in other times would have aroused horror and been met with severe punishment; witness in our churches liturgical rites that seem to have been invented by Cranmer’s perverse mind; see Prelates process the unclean idol of the pachamama into St. Peter’s Basilica; and hear the Vicar of Christ apologize to the worshippers of that simulacrum if a Catholic dares to throw it into the Tiber.” Here, even the usual canonical categories seem to fail.

But the “Bergoglian anti-church” has a beginning before the time of Pope Francis, according to Viganò; it goes back 60 years. During that time, “we have witnessed the eclipse of the true Church by an anti-church that has progressively appropriated her name, occupied the Roman Curia and her Dicasteries, Dioceses and Parishes, Seminaries and Universities, Convents and Monasteries.” According to the archbishop, this anti-church has “usurped her authority, and its ministers wear her sacred garments; it uses her prestige and power to appropriate her treasures, assets, and finances.”

Archbishop Viganò can speak on this matter, since, after his ordination in 1968 – shortly after the Second Vatican Council – he has witnessed much moral, doctrinal, liturgical, and financial corruption within the heart of the Vatican, as a high-ranking servant in the Vatican’s Diplomatic Service.

Thus he can now say: “We now find ourselves in this doctrinal, moral, liturgical, and disciplinary cone of shadow.” But, we are not yet at the end stage of this disastrous development. “It is not yet the total eclipse that we will see at the end of time, under the reign of the Antichrist,” the prelate adds. “But it is a partial eclipse, which lets us see the luminous crown of the sun encircling the black disk of the moon.”

This is certainly a time to wake up and make a firm commitment to remain loyal to Our Lord and His Teachings and His Love.

This eclipse has come down to us with the help of the spreading of Modernism in the Church especially since the Second Vatican Council, according to Archbishop Viganò, and he once more praises those who resisted that modernist influence. “The case of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre and a few other Prelates confirms,” he writes, “the far-sightedness of these shepherds.”

Viganò goes on to remind us of the powerful and protective role that Our Lady is playing in the midst of this crisis and assures us that the “synthesis of all heresies” represented by Modernism and its updated conciliar version, “can never definitively obscure the splendor of the Bride of Christ, but only for the brief period of the eclipse that Providence, in its infinite wisdom, has allowed, to draw from it a greater good.”

The Italian prelate also sees that the Church’s hierarchy has lost the supernatural viewpoint, with the innovators in the Church now even believing that one can even change the Church’s teachings. He speaks here of “the abandonment on the part of the ecclesiastical Hierarchy, even at the top, of the supernatural dimension of the Church and its eschatological role,” thereby “creating an entity of human origin similar to a philanthropic organization.” The Catholic Church is looking more and more like an NGO, as other have observed. And the new papal encyclical Fratelli tutti is the best example for it. States Viganò: “Fratelli tutti sees the fulfillment of an earthly utopia and social redemption in human brotherhood, pax œcumenica between religions and welcoming migrants.”

Moreover, the archbishop detects a “sense of inferiority” in the Catholic Church which leads her to believe that she needs to be in accord with the world. But this is an “ideological approach” based on the “false assumption that, between the Church and the contemporary world, there can be an alliance, a consonance of intent, a friendship.” No, the prelate reminds us, “there can be no respite in the struggle between God and Satan, between Light and Darkness.”

Unfortunately, this sense of inferiority, according to Viganò has led many faithful to follow and obey the church leaders into decisions that go against the depositum fidei, the deposit of the Faith. One of the worst blows, he says, was the changing of the Roman Rite of the Liturgy following the Second Vatican Council. He writes:

The coup de grâce of this attitude was codified in the Reformed Liturgy, which manifests its embarrassment of Catholic dogma by silencing it – and thus denying it indirectly. The ritual change engendered a doctrinal change, which led the faithful to believe that the Mass is a simple fraternal banquet and that the Most Holy Eucharist is merely a symbol of Christ’s presence among us.

The change of the Rite of the Mass gravely affected the way Catholics pray and the way they look upon the Real Presence. The responsibility, Archbishop Viganò writes, lies most of all in the Church’s authority who fought against the traditionalists who resisted the changes and at the same time was lenient toward Modernists.

Here, he also takes aim at those Catholics who belong “conservative” camp and who end up “’carrying water’ for the Revolutionaries because, while rejecting their excesses, it shares the same principles.” Their error, he continues, “lies in giving a negative connotation to traditionalism and in placing it on the opposite side of progressivism.” But this is a false dichotomy. “Their aurea mediocritas [via media] consists in arbitrarily placing themselves not between two vices, but between virtue and vice. They are the ones who criticize the excesses of the pachamama or of the most extreme of Bergoglio’s statements, but who do not tolerate the Council’s being questioned, let alone the intrinsic link between the conciliar cancer and the current metastasis.”

But today, there is to be made a decision. States the archbishop: “The Catholic Church lives under the gaze of God; she exists for His glory and for the salvation of souls. The anti-church lives under the gaze of the world, pandering to the blasphemous apotheosis of man and the damnation of souls.”

In light of these difficulties each Catholic today is facing, Archbishop Viganò is calling us to return to the traditional Holy Liturgy and to the traditional practice of the Faith. “The only way to win this battle,” he states, “is to go back to doing what the Church has always done, and to stop doing what the anti-church asks of us today – that which the true Church has always condemned.”

Thus, he continues, “Let us put Our Lord Jesus Christ, King and High Priest, back at the center of the life of the Church; and before that, at the center of the life of our communities, of our families, of ourselves. Let us restore the crown to Our Lady Mary Most Holy, Queen and Mother of the Church.”


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