Apparition Hill Becomes a Rosary at Night – The Night Her Rosary Led Me Down the Hill

On November 8, 2017, I left my group and climbed Apparition Hill by myself at dusk.  There was a slight mist falling and because of this the hill was almost empty – the rocks are known to be very slippery when wet making it easy to fall.

I was determined to make the climb. It was my last night in Medjugorje and I was already melancholy that I would be leaving the next day. I wanted to go up the hill and be with Our Lady. Time with her alone seemed like a good idea.

I will spare some of the details but the short story is I got lost on my way up. I went straight up the hill looking at my feet the whole time making an effort to step carefully on the wet rocks and I went a bit too far missing the right turn that takes you to the famous statue.

I stumbled around for at least twenty minutes completely lost. It was now dark and I was alone on the rocks with the rain.  I can’t say I panicked but a dreaded sense of embarrassment began to settle in. I considered the complications of sleeping on the hill because the alternative was to call for help. That just did not seem like an option for me.  Fortunately, after stumbling and bumbling around for a few more uncertain minutes I found the Blessed Mother.

I sat alone with Our Lady and prayed and I remember saying to myself: “There is no place on earth I would rather be.”  I said it over and over again and I said it with great certainty and awareness.  Medjugorje is a beautiful place and is the hope of the world.

But after a while, I knew it was time to go.

With no moon and a cloudy sky, it was now pitch black dark but thankfully lights were there on the path to guide me back down the hill. I made it down without incident. I walked past Vicka’s house and made my way to the fields which lead back to town.

Saying my last goodbye to Our Lady, I turned around, looked back up Apparition Hill and searched for where Gospa watches over her children. I could not find her up on the hill but I noticed the lights that line the path  that guided me down. I stared at the lights for a while to see if some meaning would come to me. Nothing really did, so I shrugged my shoulders, turned around and made my way back to my hotel.

I have so many special memories of my trip to Medjugorje and  I dream about them often including the lights on the hill.

Then last night I dropped my rosary and for reasons unknown, as I was staring at the shape of the rosary lying on the floor,  the word “randomness” came to me.  Then I saw it like a flash. The random shape of the rosary on the floor reminded me of the shape of the lights on Apparition Hill.

Such a beautiful thought. All the pilgrims that walk up Apparition Hill during the day make the climb forming their own giant human rosary and then at night the lights on the path create a rosary that helps protect the town below.


God Bless,

Steve Ryan
Mystic Post

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