Medjugorje: How to recognize the “Sign of the Times” in Our Lady’s Monthly messages to Mirjana. Saverio Gaeta reveals

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A rereading with Saverio Gaeta of all the Messages of the Queen of Peace in Medjugorje to the visionary Mirjana on the 2nd of the month, year by year.

Our Lady on March 18 announced to Mirjana in Medjugorje that she would no longer appear to her on a monthly basis. Thus ended the cycle of the apparitions of every 2nd of the month, as predicted by the Virgin. While the apparition of March 18 in Mirjana will last for all his life. An event that marks the end of a time of particular grace.

With Saverio Gaeta, Vatican journalist, Italian writer and essayist, La Luce di Maria decided to retrace the precious invitations that Our Lady addressed to us, through the visionary Mirjana, through a re-reading of all the messages of the 2nd of each month, for a total of 183 messages donated in this extraordinary apparition.

Medjugorje: the point of Saverio Gaeta
“The strongest appeal, in the messages of that year, invites us to” recognize the signs of the times “, avoiding being deceived by false peace and false joy. The Queen of Peace affirms that what she proposes is a “call for eternity” and specifies that whoever strives to live according to the laws of God must commit himself even more to the most important thing: to love God “.

Ideas for meditation
I remember it every day for those who should read me for the first time. I have proposed to re-read all the messages given to the visionary Mirjana of Medjugorje, on the 2nd of the month, and collected year by year by Saverio Gaeta, as a spiritual exercise in all respects, in this strong time of Lent that is about to enter the Week Santa. There are so many ideas that our Mother offers us, that there is really an embarrassment of choice. Today I chose in particular the message of May 2, 2006.

« Dear children, I come to you as Mother; I come with an open heart, filled with love for you. Cleanse your heart of all that prevents you from receiving me , so you can know my love and that of my Son. My Heart wants to win through you and triumph. I invite you to this ».

Our Lady tells us one specific thing: “Purify your heart from everything that prevents you from receiving me”. There is an impediment to her desire as a Mother to come to meet us, Her children, and it is right in our heart. And in order to make room in our heart for His motherly love, it is necessary to clean up all those obstacles that occupy him.

The Heart of the Madonna is a heart that knows how to love.
Like? With the means that Our Lady shows us : prayer especially of the Rosary , Confession , Holy Mass , fasting , the Bible . The so-called and famous 5 stones, the pillars of the spirituality of Medjugorje on which our spiritual life is based. With the use of these tools, including two sacraments, we have the opportunity to experience God’s love, to be renewed internally. And to let ourselves be shaped by His love so that our heart conforms to His heart, a Heart that knows how to love.

And then here is that Our Lady will triumph through the triumph of love in our hearts: ” My Heart wants to win through you and triumph” Because the battle is played there, not outside but there, the fight between Good and evil is in our hearts, and victory depends on our freedom of choice

The Lord loves us to the point of leaving us free. Because true love is free, it does not impose itself and it never demands. And then it will be through the Triumph of Good, and therefore of Jesus, in our hearts that his Motherly Heart will triumph.

Medjugorje – Mirjana with Father Slavko – Private collection Saverio Gaeta
Medjugorje: the collection of the Messages of the Queen of Peace – Year 2006
January 2: «Dear children, my Son was born, your Savior is here with you. What hinders it from receiving you in your hearts? How many false things in your hearts. Purify your hearts with fasting and prayer, recognize and accept my Son. Only He can give true peace and true love. He alone is the way to eternal life ».

March 2: “God is love! God is love! God is love!”.

April 2 : “Dear children, I come to you because with my example I wish to show you the importance of prayer for those who have not known the love of God. You ask yourself: do you follow me? My children, why don’t you recognize the signs of aging? Why don’t you talk about them? Come with me, as Mother I call you ».

May 2: «Dear children, I come to you as Mother; I come with an open heart, filled with love for you. Cleanse your heart of all that prevents you from receiving me, so you can know my love and that of my Son. My Heart wants to win through you and triumph. I invite you to this ».

In these troubled times, I come to you to show you the way to peace
June 2: “Dear children, even today the Mother invites you, especially during this time: pray for holiness, for holiness in families. Dear children, pray together with your children in families, renew family prayer, this is the time of grace. Pray, pray, dear children ».

July 2: “Dear children, God created you with free will because you know and choose life or death. I as a Mother, with motherly love, want to help you in the knowledge and choice of life. My children, do not be deceived with false peace and false joy. Allow, my children, that I show you the true way, the way that leads to life: to my Son. Thanks for answering my call. “

August 2: “Dear children, in these troubled times, I come to you to show you the way to peace. I love you with immense love and I want you too to love one another and for everyone to see my Son, immense love. The path to peace passes only through love. Give your hand to me, to your Mother, and allow me to guide you. I am the Queen of peace. Thank you”.


Medjugorje: go and witness his love.
September 2: «I gather you under my maternal mantle, to help you know the love of God and his greatness. My children, God is great. His works are great. Do not be deceived, because without Him you cannot take even one step, my children. Go and witness his love. I am with you. Thank you”.

October 2: «Dear children, I come to you in this time of yours to address the call for eternity. This is the call of love, I invite you to love, because only through love will you know the love of God. Many of you think that they have faith in God and that they know his laws. They strive to live according to them, but they don’t do what is most important, they don’t love it. My children pray, fast. This is the way that will help you open up and love. Only through the love of God is eternity obtained. I am with you, I will guide you with motherly love. Thanks because you answered ».

Medjugorje: do not allow deceptions to reign in you
November 2: “Dear children, my coming to you, my children, is the love of God. God sends me to warn you and show you the true way. Do not close your eyes to the truth, my children. Your time is short. Do not allow deceptions to reign in you. The way I want to take you is the way of peace and love. This is the way that leads you to my Son, your God. Give me your hearts, so that in them I put my Son and make you my apostles. Apostles of peace and love. Thank you”. At the end Our Lady added: “Do not forget your prayers from your shepherds”.

December 2: “Dear children, in this joyful time of waiting for my Son, I wish that every day of your earthly life there will be a joyful waiting for my Son .


I invite you to holiness. I invite you to be the apostles of holiness, so that, through you, the happy announcement will illumine all those you meet. Fast and pray, and I will be with you. Thank you”.

Simona Amabene

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