Mirjana: “I think God is the one who keeps the secrets.. I was hypnotized but the doctors could not get the secrets from me.” ‘The secrets cannot be changed!’

Mirjana: ‘The secrets that Our Lady entrusted to me in Medjugorje cannot be changed!’

Mirjana Dragicevic -Soldo received all ten secrets from Our Lady, the last on Christmas 1982 which also marked the last of the daily apparitions for her. That day the Virgin said to her: “Now turn to God, through faith, like everyone else. I will only appear to you on your birthday and when you have difficulties in your life ”.

Since August 1987, on the 2nd day of each month, she hears the voice of the Madonna and sometimes sees her. Mirjana also knows the exact dates of when the events contained in the ten secrets will take place. On the second day of each month, pray with Our Lady for the sick and non-believers.

Due to the fact that the seer knows all the secrets and the dates on which they will occur, she is often asked questions about these future events.


Medjugorje Regarding the gravity of the ten secrets he had once said:

“No, the secrets cannot be changed, only when Our Lady gave me the seventh secret, a part of this seventh secret impressed me very much.

This is why you said you were trying to change it, but it was necessary to pray to Jesus, God, who too prayed but we also needed to pray.

We prayed a lot and later, once, when she came, she told me that this part has changed but that it is no longer possible to change the secrets, at least the ones I have. “

When asked: ‘Why will they be revealed three days in advance, on another occasion he said:  “Here are questions about secrets right away. Now the secrets !. Secrets are secrets, and I think we are not the ones who keep [probably in the sense of “guarding”] the secrets.

I think God is the one who keeps the secrets. I take me as an example. The last doctors who examined me hypnotized me; and, under hypnosis, they made me go back to the time of the first appearances in the lie detector.

This story is very long. To shorten: when I was in the lie detector they could know everything they wanted, but nothing about secrets.

This is why I think that God is the one who keeps the secrets. The meaning of the three days before will be understood when God says it.

But I want to tell you one thing: do not believe those who want to scare you, because a Mother did not come to earth to destroy her children, Our Lady came to earth to save her children.

How can the Heart of our Mother triumph if the children are destroyed? This is why true faith is not faith that comes from fear; true faith is that which comes from love.


For this reason, as a sister, I advise you: put yourself in the hands of Our Lady, and do not worry at all, because Mother will take care of everything.

For us you are (seers) the secrets are not the same because we do not talk to each other about the secrets, but we understand that our secrets are not the same.

This is why, for example, Vicka says that secrets can be changed with prayers and fasting, but mine cannot be changed. “


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