Interview: Vicka’s mysterious and little known encounter with a small group of people she saw in Heaven…”They did not speak an earthly language. Perhaps they spoke but a language of their own, that of the angels.”

Source Alta Vista

FATHER LIVIO Interview on Radio Maria – I think of this: certainly the Church, the Sacred Scriptures, the Sacraments and especially the Eucharist are fundamental things, but I say that even the apparitions are a very important fact because the occurrence of an apparition means that the heaven is a reality yet still people don’t believe it today.

VICKA – Look, I tell you that Our Lady has clearly said this: she has not come to say new things compared to what is written in the Gospel and in the Bible, but she has come to wake us up because we are too far from all these things. I can say that there is Heaven because I was there with the Madonna: one day she took me by the hand and took me with my body to see Paradise, Purgatory and Hell. This is why I can say with all my heart and truth that it really exists.

FATHER LIVIO – As I have already explained on the radio during my catechesis it is a particular experience. There were saints like Saint Teresa D’Avila, Saint Faustina Kowalska and Saint Josepha Menendez who in their autobiographies tell of having been brought into the afterlife with their body, but they lived this experience alone and therefore one can ask oneself until point you can be sure of this fact. But you and Jakov were taken to the afterlife in two, and you even disappeared from home.

VICKA – It was the Madonna who guided us: she took my right hand and Jakov took the left hand. Even before he left, Jakov had complained that he was afraid of never coming back and asked Madonna to bring only me because in my family we are in so many brothers and sisters while he was an only child. At that time I was thinking: how many hours and how many days will it last? where will you go? above or below, etc. … Our Lady took us both by the hand and led us in front. You saw the roof of the house where we were open and in a second we found ourselves in Heaven. There was a large space there with a light that does not exist here on Earth. The people were all the same, neither thin nor fat, dressed in three colors: gray, yellow and red. Everyone turned, sang and prayed, and there were also little angels flying around. Our Lady told us: look how happy these people are who are here in Heaven. It was a joy that cannot be described because it does not exist here on Earth.

FATHER LIVIO – This reminds me of a message in which Our Lady says that in heaven there is joy. Have you and Jakov felt this joy?

VICKA – Sure, when you see those people so happy it was a great joy for me to see. I approached a small group of souls.

FATHER LIVIO – Did they look at you?

VICKA – Yes, they looked at me and I looked at them, even though I didn’t recognize anyone. They did not speak an earthly language. Perhaps they spoke but a language of their own, that of the angels.

FATHER LIVIO – So how did people see you?

VICKA – Yes, and you saw that they were really happy. They were together, laughing and talking.

FATHER LIVIO – Didn’t you tell them anything?

VICKA – No, and they didn’t tell us anything either. We have been behind the Madonna.

PADRE LIVIO – So the Paradise from a visual point of view is a great light while from the point of view of feelings it is a great joy.

VICKA – Yes, God is light, and this is seen. But what matters most is that life, after death, continues. I tell you listeners, especially those who go to the cemeteries and stand in front of the grave of a dead man, thinking that with death everything ends, that life continues! I’m very sure of this, a thousand percent!

FATHER LIVIO – Our faith says so, the risen Jesus testifies to it and that Our Lady is taken up into heaven. It is a great mistake, as well as a great heresy, to believe that everything ends with death.

VICKA – Our Lady also told us that this is a great mistake and that we are only passengers on Earth.

FATHER LIVIO – Once he also said that we are like spring flowers that today are wonderful but that tomorrow there is no trace of them.

VICKA – It’s true.