Spiritual evil of the devil is defeated with prayer, sharing and forgiveness. Here is how to do it.

Those suffering from spiritual illness experience great suffering, and a real answer lies in forgiveness towards those who are the cause of these sufferings. 

Jesus Kingdom of Heaven
Jesus Kingdom of Heaven (photo Pixabay)

The testimony of a woman afflicted by numerous spiritual evils touches this topic deeply , and also offers a very touching prospect of rebirth. In the letter that the anonymous woman sent to Annalisa Colzi’s blog it is explained with great clarity and openness of heart that “those suffering from spiritual illness suffer a lot and always”.

Sharing the sufferings of life to get out of it together

For this reason, sharing the sufferings of life with one’s neighbor becomes a great weapon to get out of it together and to have one’s heart filled with the love that only Jesus knows how to give , but which sometimes needs sharing with one’s neighbor, in a human relationship that allows us to to raise ourselves to the Lord by first feeling brothers and sisters part of a community that lives in Christ.

In the Gospel of Matthew, 18, 19-20, Jesus says: “ If two of you on earth agree to ask for anything, my Father who is in heaven will grant it to you. Because where two or three are gathered in my name, I am among them “.

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A Psalm to combat suffering
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The importance of forgiveness in the face of those who have inflicted evil

Often men and women victims of great suffering can become real absent from the world, but the love lived and given never leaves them. And turning to Him allows us to find ourselves together with the Love that heals and saves . Along with sharing, however, there is also a need to put into practice forgiveness towards those who have inflicted on us the same evil that is at the root of our suffering.

In fact, this is how the Gospel of Matthew 18: 21-21 continues: “ Then Peter approached him and said to him:« Lord, how many times must I forgive my brother if he sins against me? Up to seven times? ». And Jesus answered him: ” I don’t tell you up to seven, but up to seventy times seven “.

The ability to forgive that leads to a rebirth of the heart

In fact, the woman says she has forgiven her own parents. “I forgave them with all my heart and the Lord filled me with graces. I love my mother with a special, discreet love that makes no noise. I pray for her, ”he explained, recounting how forgiveness changed his heart.

Jesus knows sins, the Priest does not (photo websource)

In fact, spiritual suffering for the woman was a great affliction that complicated her life, but that now has allowed her to be reborn, changed and grown internally. “I have experienced what suffering is . For this reason I will welcome all the people who will make me meet Jesus in my heart, with a smile, a prayer; I will listen to their misfortunes and, as far as I can, I will advise, ”he explains.

The suffering experienced by those afflicted with spiritual evil

“How much suffering, whoever is affected by spiritual illness suffers a lot, always…”, the woman recalls. Talking about the mother, the beautiful moments lived with her come back to mind, especially after the love of the Lord touched both of them. The same for the woman’s father.

“My father, the absent man in my life, has become a loving grandfather and father. If I missed her as a child and in adolescence, I can’t say the same now, ”she explains.

The role of prayer in healing from spiritual evil

All this is also due to prayer. “The prayer I am making to reunite my parents from the separation of many years ago is bearing fruit; I asked the Lord for their reconciliation before reaching heaven, I would never want one of them to suffer so much at the lack of the other, for the remorse of an innocent evil caused by the devil who destroyed their souls by bringing them, sufferings to all “.

In fact, thanks to prayer, the woman’s parents, after having been apart for years without ever speaking, have now reunited. “How beautiful!” exclaims the woman. “These are the graces, the joys of the heart, other than money, power, luxury. We all leave this world, but we do not leave the love we lived and gave, we carry it with us, beyond the confines of heaven, into eternity ”.

The emptiness of the lack of love that leads to wrong paths

These findings lead her today to thank and praise the Lord every day for all that he has given us in this life. “Thank you my God for letting me know your son Jesus, his Sweet and strong Mother, your special mystery”, concludes the woman. “I will always testify in Your honor to Your true and loving Presence . It is in all the things of the world, in men, in nature, in things, in the suffering of our own life ”.

Jesus conquered the world

And even if “the emptiness of the heart in the lack of love unfortunately leads on wrong paths”, concludes the woman, speaking of children and young people, “do not be afraid to admonish them when they make a mistake and always entrust them to Mary, every day, because she it will protect them “.

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