New warning from Gisella Cardia Apparition: “The financial collapse will affect everyone…the battle between good and evil is underway” Satan is active like never before.

Gisella Cardia – The Battle Between Good and Evil is Underway

Our Lady to Gisella Cardia September 19, 2020:

My dear children, thank you for being here in prayer and for having listened to my call in your hearts. Beloved children, the battle between good and evil is underway to save my children from Satan. I am preparing your garden: come to me, clasp my hands and you will feel great peace in your hearts. Children, do not be concerned if there will be neither food nor drink: my Lord will be your restorer and you will lack nothing if only your gaze is turned to Him. Children, the financial collapse will affect everyone, especially those who doubt my words: fools are still looking to the future without thinking about prayer and eternal life. Pray, pray, pray for the Church, because it will be shaken by a strong earthquake; pray for my beloved children because they will be persecuted; be light, my children, for a world [where] it is on the point of being extinguished. [1] Now I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen.

Why Gisella Cardia? Source Countdown to the Kingdom
Apparitions in Trevignano Romano, Italy

The alleged Marian apparitions in Trevignano Romano in Italy to Gisella Cardia are relatively new. They began in 2016 following her visit to Medjugorje, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and purchase of a statuette of Our Lady, which subsequently began to weep blood. The apparitions have already been the subject of an Italian national TV broadcast during which the seer behaved with remarkable calm in the face of some heated criticism from panelists in the studio toward her and two books. A Nihil obstat was recently granted by an Archbishop for the Polish translation of the second of these, In Cammino con Maria (“On the way with Mary”) published by Edizioni Segno, containing the story of the apparitions and the associated messages up until 2018. While such a foreign Nihil obstat does not, on its own, constitute in situ diocesan approval of the apparitions, it is certainly not insignificant. And the local Bishop of Civita Castellana appears to have been quietly supportive of Gisella Cardia, having given access early on to a chapel for the overwhelming influx visitors who began to gather in the Cardia’s house to pray, once news of the apparitions began to spread.

There are several major reasons for focusing on Trevignano Romano as a potentially important and solid prophetic source. Firstly, the content of Gisella’s messages converges very closely with the “prophetic consensus” represented by other contemporary sources, without any indication of her awareness of their existence (Luz de Maria de Bonilla, Pedro Regis, Fr. Michel Rodrigue, Fr. Adam Skwarczynski, the diaries of Bruno Cornacchiola. . .).


Secondly, several of the overtly prophetic messages would appear to have been fulfilled: we notably find a request in September 2019 to pray for China as the source of new airborne diseases. .

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