The little-known adventure when Mother Teresa sent her “secret agent” to Medjugorje to ask for three graces from the Queen of Peace – What did Mother Teresa wish for?

Mother Teresa of Calcutta and her wishes for Our Lady at  Medjugorje.

Our Lady also granted one of her wishes… (Source

Here is a little known interview with the Saint

D. – “Is it true that three years ago you sent one of your collaborators a kind of secret agent – to Medjugorje so that through the visionaries she would present three of her personal wishes to the Virgin?” – “Yes, it’s true. These were the three wishes: to open a house in Russia, to find the medicine to cure AIDS, that Our Lady may help India in a special way. 

My first question or prayer was answered; for this I am grateful to the Lady of Medjugorje. But we still don’t have the medicine to cure AIDS. We still need to pray a lot. I believe that Our Lady wants to help doctors find the remedy for this disease. So I would be happy to be able to help these poor sick people. 

I would gladly go to Medjugorje, to thank Our Lady for the first grace obtained, but tell the Lady that I await the fulfillment of the other two prayers ”. D. – “So, you Mother, have you promised to go to Medjugorje to thank if your wishes and prayers will be fulfilled?” MT – “Yes, exactly. I know that many people go there and that many are converted. I thank God who guides our time in this way. 

I very much liked the image of Medjugorje that the Lady blessed during the apparition. I would gladly go to Medjugorje but many would come for me and this is not good. For this reason I have not been there yet, although many friends have invited me ”.

Mother Teresa of Calcutta
Mother Teresa of Calcutta

D. – “But, mother, it would not be a sin if someone came to Medjugorje for you!” MT – (laughing warmly) “I know, I know. For now I recommend you to prayers. Prayers for the poor of the world. And the poorest are those who have no love in their heart. God is merciful and sweet ”. D. – “So, when will we be able to see you in Medjugorje?” MT – “I don’t know”, and exhibits its programs to bring charity to every part of the world, from Africa to Cuba, from Yugoslavia to Poland …

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